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Expressive Dissonance

The greater the whisper, the harder the shudder

27 August
I am a fangirl through and through! My most frequented fandom is FFVII and its compilations (especially Crisis Core), so I've spent basically all of my time writing and researching it and will applaud those who follow its basics and ignore those who bastardize it. I love the Kingdom Hearts fandom, but I'll be writing very little in it until I have played all its games.
all ff after 6, angeal/zack, angeal/zack/cloud), cloud/zack (otp), cloud/zack/seph, drawing, kingdom hearts, reading, sato/dai, seph/cloud, seph/gen/cloud, seph/zack, tales of symphonia, various anime and manga, writing, yaoi and yuri (dark/krad