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Finally a fic update: Those Who Seek Forgiveness 4/?

Go here for the update.

Finally got off my arse and wrote something, even if I hate it. Too lazy to LJ post it, sorry. I was working on Summer Days one morning at 4a-fucking-m, but i fell asleep on top of my keyboard only to wake up at 7am because of some bitch upstairs screaming at her shitty boyfriend.

Yes, I'm cranky lately. I blame the finals. But anyway. I should be writing more when I have nothing to do on my hands in the upcoming weeks. Because even if I have summer class, it's only gonna be one or two that'll be over before 11am (I can't take the midday heat; I have to hide out from 12-3pm -.-;;;)

I can't connect with irc lately. Shitty nets are shitty D:

Anyway, gl to everyone and I'll try my damndest to catch up with my f-list after finals next week and the week after :/
Tags: fic, rl, school, those who seek forgiveness, wtfisdisshit

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