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Call Me When You're Sober

Title: Call Me When You're Sober
Pairing: Genesis/Cloud
Rated: Not worksafe
Summary: AU. Cloud wants nothing more than to drown himself in memories, and Genesis wants nothing more than a wild night of freedom. Yaoi, Genesis/Cloud. Secret Santa fic for Madisuzy.
Note: *coughs* This was supposed to end in smut, but Genesis pretty much refused. So I guess I may wind up with another chapter. XD
Again, much love for my beta; I really wouldn't be able to do this without her! XD

“You don’t look like the type to hang out in a…charming place such as this,” a deceptively mild voice suddenly says.

Cloud doesn’t bother looking up from the questionably foggy liquid in his beer mug; he’s been fending off all manner of idiotic advances all evening, and he has the sneaking suspicion that this one would be just another in a disturbingly long list of rejections.

“Not interested,” he mutters for what feels like the millionth time tonight.

“Unfortunately for you, I am interested,” the (probably drunk) man persists, taking a seat next to him at the bar. Sighing, the man languidly stretches, giving Cloud a sense of barely leashed tension before he slowly straightens, like a snake coiling up in anticipation of a strike.

“You could at least look at me, little canary.”

Blond spikes slowly lift as the weary man raises his gaze from his drink to rest with an intriguing amount of frosty disinterest on the one lounging next to him.

“…You don’t exactly look the type to wander around here, either,” he politely points out, examining his guest.

Surprisingly delicate for a man, is Cloud’s first thought as he takes in the sight of intense, calculating aqua eyes in a triangular face and nearly scoffs at the small smirk stretching wide lips. A lock of auburn hair shifts in front of the stranger’s face and he watches an elegant hand reach up to brush it back with a practiced flick.

“Ah, so the lonely bird finally looks out from its nest,” the man purrs, satisfaction curling through his voice along with a hint of the interest on his face. “I’m Genesis,” he continues, leaning further towards the blond.

Cloud almost scowls at the intrusion of his personal space, but the inviting sound of the man’s voice and the warm look in those blue-green eyes is…different from the leering and bad pickup lines he’s been getting all evening. Here is a man that was out for something, and was used to getting it, too.

“…Cloud,” he reluctantly admits, hoping he won’t regret this later.

The smirk widens, and Genesis takes a light sip of his drink, his gaze taking a leisurely migration from wild blond spikes and flickering blue eyes down to a thin, but muscular chest and firm, leather-clad thighs. “I see…although if you don’t mind my saying so, storm clouds are more…appealing.”

Cloud snorts and sips at his own beverage, his eyes watering at the burn of fiery liquid down his throat. It’s only his third drink, but already, he can feel himself slowly losing the tension he’d come with to the bar. It was hard to make small talk when he wanted nothing more to be left alone, but something about this guy and his pretty words…

“Only if you want to get rained on,” he replies once he realizes the redhead has been waiting on an answer.

Genesis smiles as leans back, his legs crossing as he peruses the blond. He has a mouthy, standoffish, stoic, lonely, half-drunk kid on his hands, and nothing else to do.

This was going to be fun.

The ride to Genesis’s place is maddening.

Being that it’s Cloud’s bike that they’re using, he wouldn’t trust anyone else, especially a stranger to drive it, and Genesis seems content with that decision as he expertly swings a leg up onto the bike behind Cloud and molds himself to his back. He uses the close contact as an excuse to whisper his address into Cloud’s ear, and lightly rubs himself against Cloud as his hands lock around Cloud’s front. He knows he’s supposed to pay attention to the road when he’s half-drunk, but the feel of Genesis’ gloves playing with the hem of his shirt, is not helping him concentrate; the thumb that dips into his navel is chilled from the night air and makes him shiver in anticipation.

They’ve barely stopped from the drive back before those teasing hands are roaming and at last, finally lifting his shirt. Cool, leather-covered palms make his skin feel almost feverishly hot in comparison, and he turns his head to see if what he’s feeling is being reciprocated. Those blue-green eyes he’d been admiring earlier are darkened with lust, and he loses sight of them for a moment as his head is tilted back to face the front of the bike.

He stares out into the darkness surrounding Genesis’ home, glad for the absence of nosy neighbors; if they’d gone to his place, there’d be some nosy old bat disapprovingly glaring at him the next morning after seeing him making out—practically getting undressed—in front of his house, on his motorcycle.

The seat beneath him is warm from his own body heat, and his erection is almost painfully caged inside his tight pants. Behind him, the unmistakable press of Genesis’s body reveals that he isn’t the only one feeling confined. Kisses are placed along his jaw and warm breath ghosts over his ear before the sensitive lobe is taken between pouty lips and suckled on.

“We’re drunk,” Cloud whispers, enjoying Genesis’s attentions more than he should. He knows they’re only slightly drunk, and that he may be fishing for an excuse to leave Genesis there and go home; he knows Genesis is aware of it, and he knows this is a bad idea, but he doesn’t care. He’s with a stranger—an eccentric, poetic, sharp-eyed oddity—and the excitement he’s feeling now is overpowering the cold he’s been fighting off all day since his heart took a blow that may never fully heal.

Forget…that’s all I want to do right now. Genesis can help…

“Yes,” the older man says, almost as if he’s responding to Cloud’s thoughts. But Cloud realizes this isn’t the case as he feels gloved hands wrapping around both of his and automatically holds onto the handles when he’s prompted to. “Whatever you do…don’t let go,” the redhead murmurs into his ear as he takes his hands off Cloud’s.

Cloud nods once, sharply enough that Genesis is assured of his obedience. The back of his shirt is tugged at, then he hears the slide of metal; the harsh, curt sound of fabric being torn echoes in the silent night, and his heart almost seizes at the sudden sound. There’s an abrupt breeze at his back and he tenses as the knife is brought to first his right, then his left sleeve. The cold tip slides against the back of his neck and he wants to jump, to jerk away, to protest, something… But he stays leaning against Fenrir’s handlebars, eyes closing as his heart’s rhythm doubles its heavy thumps, reminding him that it’s still there.

He feels one hand re-explore his chest, his stomach clenching in anticipation as it dips lower, trailing over his abs and following the fine line of blond hair downwards; he nearly groans in frustration as it stops and flirts with the hem of his pants.

“Tell me, Cloud,” that sensuous voice whispers, and Cloud can smell the fruit-scented alcohol on his breath as its warmth caresses his cheek. “Do you know how to ride?”

Cloud shivers, stubbornly keeping silent as Genesis waits for an answer. After a moment, soft laughter comes from the redhead and then two hands are unfastening the button on his pants and sliding the zipper down in almost no time at all.

You’re unusually bold tonight, kid. Wanna go for a spin?

His breath catches in his throat, both from the sudden onslaught of memory and the feel of slim, elegant fingers caressing him. The contrast between the gloved and ungloved hands has him rocking his hips upward, eager for more the feeling.

He can feel every bit of Genesis’ body against his own; a warm, solid line of heat as the other man’s excited breaths presses his chest against his back. The gloved hand is up and moving again—this time it reaches up to tweak and play with his nipples as he fights the urge to turn into the hard body against his own and beg to be fucked. His grip shifts and the slow touches instantly dwindle away to nothing.

“Keep them there,” the redhead demands. His knuckles whiten in response to the command.

His breathing grows jerky and unsteady as Genesis trails the tip of one manicured nail over his slit and he moans when he feels the other man rubbing his still-clothed erection against him. He wants…he wants to feel…

Warm laughter and gentle hands. Don’t you know that the best way to ride is naked?


The vision shatters when he feels a sharp, stinging bite on his ear. In contrast, the hand moving over him has quickened its pace, and he moans, both at the loss of a precious memory and the building feel of completion lapping at the edges of his consciousness.

“You know,” Genesis says, as he watches Cloud’s slumped form, “I think I’ve changed my mind.”

“W-what?” the blond pants, as he stiffens and sits up to look at Genesis in surprise.

A mirthless smile crosses Genesis’ face as he slowly leans his weight off of Cloud and eyes his wet hand. The other hand reaches into a pocket to grab a silk bundle that Cloud hazily identifies as a handkerchief. He gets off the bike and turns his back on Cloud as he cleans his un-gloved hand. “You don’t want this,” he declares casually, making the younger man gape in disbelief.

“But you…we…I—“

“I refuse,” Genesis began coldly, “to have my actions superimposed upon by an unknown shadow.”

Stunned, Cloud watched mutely as Genesis marched to his front door and went inside; a minute or so later, the auburn-haired man glided back out, a grim smile on his face and a small t-shirt clutched in his hand.

“Here,” the older man said, the thrusting the shirt in his face, “put this on; you don’t wanna get wind-whipped on your way back home, do you?”

Wordlessly, Cloud obediently slides the shirt over his head, mind reeling at the abrupt ending to what he’d been hoping would happen. He mechanically rebuttons his pants, and settles back into his seat before looking over at Genesis.

Cloud can see…something in Genesis’ eyes, something similar to what he’s been feeling all day, and he doesn’t want to think about it, but…

“Are you sure?” he blurts, and wants to kick himself when the haughty look reclaims its place on the other man’s face.

He watches him step forward, and then Genesis’ mouth is on his own as they share their first and apparently only kiss of the night. He feels a scrap of paper being slid into one of his hands and then stares as Genesis steps back, his eyes more than a bit wistful.

“I’ve never been one to share, little Stormcloud, and I don’t wish to start now with something I can’t even see,” he says wryly before smirking once more. “When you’re done reminiscing and are ready to let go, give me a call and we’ll see what happens.”

It’s not a bad thing to share…but there are some things that are just sacred to a man, kiddo.

“Alright,” he whispers.

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