So lemme tell ya what REALLY happened...


My last LJ post since I'm lazy and can't keep up with 21245235 different sites anymore.

I am on AO3 as quietncryptic or Expressive Dissonance; most likely, I will update there and from now on until I completely give up on

Also, everything but fic entries will be deleted. So, purge me from your flists if you don't want to be following a dead journal, lol.

I also have a tumblr. Poke me there.
So lemme tell ya what REALLY happened...

Here Kitty Kitty, FF7 Fic

Author: quietncryptic aka Expressive Dissonance
Title: Here Kitty Kitty
Words: 2,360
Rating: T
Publish Date: 12-27-09
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Note: So, a long long time ago, before I played Crisis Core, I decided to write a bunch of anthro fics. I couldn't make up my mind on what Cloud and Sephiroth should be (funny how Zack isn't even considered being something else), so I did two different versions of this verse. I found this not too long ago, sitting all forgotten in My Documents, so I opened it up and got to work fixing it up to include a few Crisis Core-y things (Angeal and Gen of course). And for those who have no idea what monsters I'm talking about in the fic: they are original FF7 Monsters. *is a nerd*

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So lemme tell ya what REALLY happened...

Cloud Cottontail aka The Magic Rabbit; An FF7 AU

Title: Cloud Cottontail, aka the Magic Rabbit fic
Author: Quiet N Cryptic
Rated: Worksafe
Summary: There comes a time in every bunny's life when he gets into trouble; Cloud just happens to be clever enough to get himself out of it. Mostly. AU, Anthro.
Note: Fic is a continuation of this comic which I strongly advise that you read.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Not even the idea of them in this fic sadly, lol.

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I came

Call Me When You're Sober

Title: Call Me When You're Sober
Pairing: Genesis/Cloud
Rated: Not worksafe
Summary: AU. Cloud wants nothing more than to drown himself in memories, and Genesis wants nothing more than a wild night of freedom. Yaoi, Genesis/Cloud. Secret Santa fic for Madisuzy.
Note: *coughs* This was supposed to end in smut, but Genesis pretty much refused. So I guess I may wind up with another chapter. XD
Again, much love for my beta; I really wouldn't be able to do this without her! XD
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So lemme tell ya what REALLY happened...

Reciprocation, an FF7 fic

Rating: Worksafe
Warnings: FLUFF (seriously Seph is too cute for words)
Summary: All in all, introducing the General to Yule had to be one of Zack's better ideas.
Note: This is a late Christmas gift for my beta, ohxasphyxiationx. Just something cute and fluffy until I can work on somethin down and dirty for her. that sounds wrong. XD
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